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Success Story: Water

Energy Efficiency for Industrial Wastewater Treatment plants (China)

Energy Efficiency consulting of 4 water plants

Success Story: Water 52% energy savings, 5GWh saved per year, ROI in 1.5 years




Customer profile:

  • Equity Joint Venture Company set up by a water and petrochimical company,
  • The company includes 4 wastewater plant,
  • Total production capacity: Wastewater treatment 19.4 Mton/year, Reclaim water: 7.16 Mton/year.

Customer objective and constraints:

  • The end user wants to launch a global strategic program based on Energy Efficiency conservative measures.



Implementation methodology (main phases):

  • The first step of this program consists in Energy Efficiency consulting on the 4 plants in order to assess the energy savings potentialities,
  • For this consulting, the local PST Advanced Services Team has been supported by the CES Team from the Schneider Electric business units (PE&C),
  • Following the Energy Efficiency audit, a contract for Energy Efficiency Solutions & Services has been proposed.


  • 2007: 1 year

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

  • Installation of Variable Speed Drives
  • Replacement of old pumps
  • Replacement of old transformers
  • Apply monitoring system to manage operation

How did we estimate the energy savings (methodology, tools, ...)

  • Energy savings have been estimated using the Eco 8 software, taking into account the characteristics of the water circuits, the type and power of the pumps, as well as the operating duty cycle.



Customer benefits:

  • 52% expected energy savings, 5GWh saved per year, with ROI less than 2 years!

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

  • Deep understanding of energy saving in water,
  • Solution and service provided, not only the products
  • Strategic partnership with the water treatment end user.

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Solution breakdown

Main services:
  • Engineering services: Services
Main products & systems:
  • Drives for pumps and fans 0.75 > 630 kW: Altivar 61