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Water solution: Combining plant operation and asset management for a large waste water treatment plant


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • Schneider-Electric Quantum redundant Hot STBY PLC as the central plant process control, the brain of the CWRP Plant,  and the ability to work with intelligent field device management FDT/DTM, PROFIBUS DP V1, and integrating PROFIBUS device level to its PLC.
    Ø > 10 manufacturers
    Ø > 100 device types
    Ø > 10,000 I/Os

Solution in brief
The solution aims at combining a plant operation and an asset management for a large waste water treatment plant.


Value proposition

  • Reduce starting consumption
  • Vary the speed of the various consumer motors:
       - bring energy savings of up to 20% in the installation,
       - reduce the heat loss and improve the system reliability and efficiency.

Benefit during the engineering phase: improved capability of engineering environments to integrate the configuration and cmmissioning of field devices, leading to reduced design costs
- Open device configuration and setup screens from system-wide "navigator"
- Store device configuration data in central location (can be project database where PLC-related project data are stored)
- Give access to the real device from the engineering tool using the control network

Benefit during the operation and maintenance phase:  improved device management, leading to maintenance costs reduction
- All field devices, power devices, sensors or instruments, may be monitored, tuned or calibrated, reconfigured from the same user environment.
- This user environment may be:
     - an Engineering Workstation running a 3rd party instrument management tool or a Schneider Electric "System Management" tool,
     - an Operator Workstation running a HMI software extended with device-specific diagnostic, tuning and day-to-day maintenance functions.

Differentiation factors
- Schneider hot-stand-by redundant Quantum PLC at the heart of the plant operation, on the redundant fiber optic industrial control network using both Modbus TCP/IP and Profibus fieldbus communication



- Heart of the operation of the CWRP, a unique control architecture
- Quantum HSBY redundant PLC on redundant fibre optic control network using both Modbus TCP/IP and Profibus DP/PA. fieldbus communication
- Altivar VSDs and Altistart static starters have been installed to reduce starting consumption and vary the speed of the various consumer motors, bringing energy savings of up to 20% in the installation. 
- AccuSine Active Hamonic Filters to reduce heat loss and improve system reliability and efficiency

Main characteristics

The process values of these instruments in the field are feedback to Modicon Quantum PLC. The PLC (programmable logic controller) is used to read the process values, apply a set of logic statements and generate a set of outputs to control the actuators in the field, eg valves, VSDs, etc. Schneider developed the DFBs in Unity-Pro for Quantum PLC to capture the instrument and actuators process values.

The Schneider-Electric Quantum PLC act not as a process controller but it also serves as an interface between the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and the entire plant control systems.



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