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          Reference: Water

          Kranji NEWater (Singapore)

          A power and control solution ensuring the autonomy of drinking water in case of crisis

          Reference: Water +15% productivity in design>95% availability




          Customer profile:

          • Singapore water authorities are in charge of providing water to more than 4 million inhabitants but no local natural resource is important enough.

          Customer objective and constraints:

          • Singapore relies on a neighbouring country (Malaysia) to provide drinking water to the population but independence is required at least for a minimum quantity
          • In addition microelectronic industries are present in Singapore and they require ultra pure water for their process



          Implementation methodology (main phases):

          1. Full design for electrical distribution, motor control and automation for the plant
          2. Satisfy stringent specifications stipulated by the consultant
          3. Implementation taking into account flexibility for future evolutions
          4. After sales service


          • 2 years: 2002 to 2004

          Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

          Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):
          • Full design of PCC, MMC and automation for the different steps of the process from micro filtration to reverse osmosis.



          Customer benefits:

          Ensure Singapore drinking water autonomy in case of crisis
          • Single source for electrical and control issues
          • Ease of operation and maintenance
          • Performance of the high tech plant

          Customer testimonies (Verbatim):

          • Numerous visits of this plant are organised by Schneider Electric for its customers. We are always well received and congratulated and ... we receive a sample of the bottled water issued from the plant!

          Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

          • Full solution capability at design stage and plant service stage
          • International coordination between Singapore, Malaysia and customer headquarters

          To know more 

          Requests for Solutions information

          Contact Customer Care Centre

          Solution breakdown

          Main services:
          • After sales service
          Main products & systems:
          • Blokset iMCC, LT6 Motor relay
          • ATV speed drives, ATS soft starters
          • Quantum PLCs
          • Powerlogic power meters
          • Capacitor banks