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Solution in brief
Schneider Electric helps you to accelerate your control system configuration with innovative offers that significantly reduce your engineering time and minimise your project risk.


Value proposition

Reduced project schedules
A combination of single data entry, feature-rich object libraries, collaboration with third party process design software and the ability to standardize and reuse your engineering best practises helps to dramatically decrease the time it takes to design, engineer, install and commission your project.

Minimise project risk
An object-based approach to your configuration includes feature-rich application libraries specifically focused on the process industry.

Integration with process design software
You can easily exchange process and system design data with third party applications and remote engineering teams, removing the need to configure the project from scratch.

Differenciation factor

Schneider Electric software supports collaboration, driving efficiency for engineering, operation and maintenance teams.




Main characteristics


Advanced software for design and configuration
- Unity Pro, the single configuration of Modicon controllers
Unity Pro is designed for IEC61131-3 programming, debugging and operation of Modicon M340, Premium and Quantum programmable automation controllers.
- Vijeo Citect, to design the operation environment of your system
Vijeo Citect is a reliable, flexible and high performance SCADA system
Web Designer, to design Web based diagnostics and monitoring applications
It provides easy and intuitive design of the Web based diagnostic and monitoring application for the Modicon PACs built-in Web servers.

Flexibility in design
Choose the configuration tool that matches your engineering workflow
- UAG, to design your project in the exact image of your process
- sg², the object-based approach to for configuration process

Integrated diagnostics, access control and logging of operation actions
Engineers can use the tested and validated libraries as they are or take advantage of their extensible nature in order to augment the library to meet specific standards.

- OPC Factory Server is based on the OPC protocol, OFS (OPC Factory Server) software enables Windows client applications to access Modicon PAC data in real time

Main characteristics

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