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          Santander (Spain)

          Wastewater collection network, treatment plant and pumping stations ensuring sea water quality for tourism

          Reference: Water 90% availability>5% energy savings




          Customer profile:

          • Santander city in the North East of Spain is both an industrial city and a tourist place. Wastewater can no longer be discharged in front of the city.
          • Both the European community and the Cantabric region contributed to finance the renewal of the sewage network and the construction of a wastewater treatment plant together with a sub marine pipe on the other side of the mountain.

          Customer objective and constraints:

          • The Santander city objective was to finance this huge investment over a very long period of time.
          • The region wanted to protect both the tourist economy and industrial potential.
          • The European community was largely financing Spain at that period and this project was in line with its objectives.
          • All these upstream players were looking for sustainable partners and wanted to favour local companies providing employment.



          Implementation methodology (main phases):

          1. Contact with financing bodies for detection and project organisation
          2. Involvement of local partners for the first phase of the project (sewage network)
          3. Schneider Electric Spain project and services team involvement to complement partners' capabilities (treatment plant)
          4. Project follow up from early detection to commissioning


          • 10 years: 1992 to 2002

          Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

          Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):1. Medium voltage cubicles
          2. Transformers
          3. LV distribution
          4. Electronic motor control
          5. Power factor correction
          6. Automation system



          Customer benefits:

          • Ensure tourism with seawater quality thanks to a long term project
          • Coordination by a single Schneider Electric entry point all along the different sub projects
          • Full solution for both network and plants and at power and control level including construction and services phase.

          Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

          • Upstream action toward public authorities
          • Local network of partners coordinated with Schneider Electric project and services team
          • Full power and control solution

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          Solution breakdown

          Main services:
          • Engineering services: Services
          Main products & systems:
          • Motor control centres
          • ATV speed drives
          • Medium voltage cubicles
          • Transformers
          • LV distribution
          • Automation PLC