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          Reference: Water

          Veolia Water (France)

          3S Control: Solution optimised and standardised by management of overpressure pumps

          Reference: Water



          Customer profile:

          • Veolia Water, the Water Division of Veolia Environment, is the leading operating company for water services in the world.
          • With the knowledge gained from years of experience, Veolia Water provides local authorities with a high level of professionalism and technological expertise to manage and develop residential drinking water and wastewater services.
          • Over five continents Veolia Water is currently providing public authorities with its expertise in environmental protection with almost 5,000 operating or construction contracts.
          • Veolia Water's primary responsibility is to produce drinking water and supply it to customers' homes with a high continuity of service at the lowest cost.

          Customer objective and constraints:

          • Guarantee water distribution with constant pressure whatever the flow required, is a contractual obligation. For Veolia Water, it is important to find a compromise between service quality and energy savings and avoiding as far as possible pressure surges on water distribution.
          • The water distribution network is expanding, so the question is to make the right economical choice between increasing the number of booster stations or extension of water towers.
          • To rationalise the cost of booster implementation, Veolia Water wishes to standardise the control panel boards with the aim of being able to manage sites of 2 to 4 pumps while emphasising performance, reliability, maintenance, as well as deployment and operation.



          Implementation methodology (main phases):

          1) Meeting with operators to define technical specifications and good practices to be complied with in the control of boosting stations
          2) Partnership between Veolia technical department and Schneider Electric (main supplier of electrical devices and PLCs in France) to define, carry out and test a solution based on our specifications
          3) Pilot phase on some boosting stations 
          4) Beginning of commercial deployment with a global purchase agreement between Schneider Electric and Veolia.


          • 3 years: 2003 to 2006

          Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

          • KSB Pumps (5.5 to 22 kW)
          • 4 Altivar 61 Drives with 3S Control solution card
          • Standard application software for management of the installation overpressure with "Controller inside" cards
          • Remote processing system
          • Magelis XBT PM
          • Communication network between "Controller inside" card
          • Security "peer to peer" connection between "Controller inside" cards
          • Communication network: Modbus RS485 between remote processing system and Altivar 61

          How did we estimate the energy savings (methodology, tools, ...)

          • Energy savings were estimated using the Eco 8 software
          • The characteristics of the water circuit, the type and power of the pumps are taken into account, as well as the operating duty cycle



          Customer benefits:

          • Energy savings can be in the order of 15 to 20%, with ROI in the order of 1 to 2 years.
          • Based on the experience feedback of the Veolia Water developers, 3S Control associated competitiveness, performance, and safety of operation:
            – Performance of pressure regulation in pipes
            – Installation operation safety
            – Installation ROI optimisation
            – Total visibility of operation

          Customer testimonies (Verbatim):

          • Mr Jean Luc Million, Standardisation Manager for installation control tools in Veolia's Technical Division, commented on this contract: "It is a turnkey solution, perfectly tailored to our needs and easy to install".

          Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

          • Deep understanding of energy saving in water.
          • Solution and service provided, not only the products 
          • Strategic partnership with Veolia Water
          • Capacity to invest

          To know more 

          Requests for Solutions information

          Contact Customer Care Centre

          Solution breakdown

          Main services:
          • Engineering services: Services
          Main products & systems:
          • Compact and matrix terminals: Magelis XBT N, R, RT
          • Drives for pumps and fans 0.75 > 630 kW: Altivar 61
          • 3S Control solution card
          • KSB Pump
          • Controller inside card
          • Modbus RS 485