Energy Efficiency

Reference: Electrical Energy

Ville de Pau (France)

Performance optimisation in Pau with MP4 and Maintenance Renovation Contract

Reference: Electrical Energy



Customer profile:

All the HV/LV substations in Ville de Pau (64 – Pyrénées Orientales), France


Customer objective and constraints:

A complete spectrum of services was needed, which contains:

1. An expert and customised consulting which assesses the performance of the electrical installation and proposes improvements to meet the business energy needs
2. A long-term maintenance service guaranteeing the electrical performance, in compliance with norms and standards
3. Renovation and Modernisation designed to increase equipment life cycle



Implementation methodology (main phases):

1. Technical study conducted by Schneider Electric's consultants and experts, who were on site to analyse particular requirements and meet specific expectations

2. Maintenance, Modernisation and Management Plans were delivered to customer
3. Execute Preventive maintenance constructer (levels 1 to 5) and corrective maintenance with 24-hour assistance, in compliance with norms and standards
4. HTA/BT equipment renovation and modernisation
5. Staff training provided by Schneider Electric


4 years: from 2006 to 2010


Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

Starting with the technical consulting MP4 delivering Maintenance, Modernisation, Management Plan, Schneider Electric carries out long-term customised preventive and corrective maintenance and modernises the HTA/BT equipments for its substations.




Customer benefits:

Installation performance was improved thanks to the complete spectrum of services:

  • Best availability and quality, roadmap for operating and maintenance
  • Peace of mind, reactivity commitment in case of failure, long-term customised programme,
  • Preventive, curative and manufacturer maintenance with experts' recommendations
  • Competitive costs, benefiting from technological advances
  • Modernisation, new equipment + manufacturer start-up

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

Schneider Electric's electrical experience was decisive in selecting the supplier

Schneider Electric brand confidence was a key differentiating factor in the choice 
This task, although difficult, was a success thanks to great team spirit

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Solution breakdown

Main services:
  • ED audit consulting & Diagnostics MP4
  • Maintenance contracts