Energy Efficiency

Automate lighting of surroundings of a building


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • To light up the surroundings of a public or tertiary building when the natural brightness threshold becomes insufficient.
  • To  switch off automatically when daylight is sufficient again.


Value proposition

  • Up to 15% energy saving by automatically extinguishing lighting when it is not necessary.
  • Automation ensures major energy savings, increased comfort and enhanced safety.


Differentiation factors

  • The IC 100 twilight switch is the ideal product for problem-free management of these needs. Once installed and its threshold set, it will automatically switch on and turn off the lighting at the right time. A built-in time delay avoids untimely closing or tripping during undesired transient brightness conditions.


  • For higher powers, relay using a CT contactor and its protective circuit-breaker: their ratings depend on installed power and load type

Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

  • The solution is to set the lighting operation threshold on the IC 100 twilight switch according to the external brightness measured by the wall-mounted cell:
  • The photoelectric cell detects low brightness, causes closure of IC 50 contact and ensures lighting
  • The IC 100 monitoring light comes on when brightness threshold is reached and switches off lighting
  • Time delay on closing and breaking of contact: 10 seconds
  • Setting the tripping threshold from 2 to 100 lux.

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Solution breakdown

Main products and systems:
  • Twilight switch: IC 100 (delivered with wall-mounted cell)
  • MCB 1 pole: C60N