Energy Efficiency

Automatic Transfer Switch Equipment


Value proposition

Solution in brief
The transfer switch equipment guarantees, in a compact space, permanent supply among with safety of electrical installations:
  • Guarantee of continuity of supply of some loads for safety reasons or to maintain the production cycle
  • Effective energy management

Value proposition
  • Fed by two independent power sources (a preferred and alternate), the transfer switch detects power failure and transfers to an alternate input source. This access to dual independent power sources offers unmatched reliability, availability and service ability the way no other solution do.

Differenciation factors
  • The broader range, providing all the necessary functionalities from simple automatic transfer function up to sophisticated automatic transfer, with the highest breaking capacities, from 100 to 6500 A.


  • To ensure a continuous supply of electrical power, certain installations are connected to two sources:
    – a normal source N
    – a replacement source R used to supply the installation when the normal source is unavailable.

  • A source-changeover system switches the load between these two sources. It can be automated to manage transfers according to external conditions. A source-changeover system includes two or three circuit breakers or switch-disconnectors.

  • With Interpact INS, Compact NS and Masterpact NT and NW, new installation solutions are available to optimise the size of the switchboard and simplify installation.

Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

High reliability

  • Based on industrial components
  • Type tested system
  • High withstand to electro-magnetic disturbances (EMC).

Cost optimization

  • Source-changeover combined with circuit-breaker protection
  • Maximum continuity of service
  • Optimum energy management solutions.

Easy installation and maintenance

  • Adaptability of the interlocking to the equipment
  • All in one solution ready to install and connect
  • Draw out assembly for easy maintenance
  • Safe maintenance thanks to standard isolation feature.

Ease of operation

  • Local and remote circuit-breaker status indications
  • Synoptic with LED on the front of the controller for actual power display.
  • Push button for automatic test sequence.

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Solution breakdown

  • Main Products & Systems
    2 or 3 Switch disconnectors or Circuit breakers:
    – Interpact
    – Compact NS
    – Masterpact NT
    – MasterPact NW
    1 Interlocking device (Keylock, rotary handle, direct rotary handle, toggle, cable type, motor mechanism, rod type)
    1 Controller:
    – Manual
    – Automatic (BA, UA or TeSys)