Energy Efficiency

Basic cold and building automation system for supermarket


Value proposition

Main Drivers

  • Manage both refrigeration and lighting control, which can represent up to 80% of consumed electricity in a supermarket.

Solution in brief

  • This solution turns operations from manual to automatic, and pay attention to refrigeration strategy to lead substantial supermarket's energy consumption reduction.

Value proposition

  • Level of savings: target >20% (with an overall impact at store level >10%)
  • ROI < 3years, target 18th months
  • Guaranty of result: monitoring (Carrefour hyper) or proven (Champion medium stores)

Differentiation factors
  • Masters refrigeration strategy
  • Basic building system provides time-based programming and local override functions, load shedding function and remote access.
  • Other part of the solution provides optimisation of cold generating set condenser.

Note: This solution is available in Countries where Schneider Electric refrigeration expertise is located.



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Solution breakdown

Main services:
  • Engineering services: Services
Main products & systems:
  • Programmable controllers: Twido
  • Graphic terminals touch screen: Magelis XBT GT
  • Plastic control stations, for Harmony XB5: Harmony XALD, XALK
  • Starter controllers up to 15 kW: TeSys U
  • Single phase and 3-phase power supplies 100 V to 500 V - 7 W to 960 W: Phaseo ABL7, ABL8
  • Modular circuit-breakers up to 125A: C120
  • Other components:
     – Enclosure: Sarel
     – Instrumentation: Flow meter, level meter