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Value proposition

Solution in brief
Andover Continuum is building management system that allows you to monitor and control heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity, lighting, access control, video and other security features across one or more facilities. Integrated control of all building systems across one or more buildings can provide up to 30% reduction in overall energy usage.

Value proposition
  • Andover Continuum is built from the ground up as both a climate control system and a security system. This unique approach reduces drastically the overall system cost.
  • Implementation, from design to commissioning, is carried out in a effective way to achieve optimum results.

Differentiation factors
  • The most powerful, integrated BACnet® building management system in the industry.
    - Wireless BACnet field bus for cost-effective installations.
    - Integrated building automation and security.
    - The industry's first PDA-based BACnet service tool.
    - Native BACnet at all levels, BTL listed. Supports other industry-leading technologies: TCP/IP, LonWorks®, Modbus® and Ethernet.
  • Support throughout the entire life cycle of buildings by providing training, technical help desk, regular inspection and function testing or call-out maintenance, remote monitoring and spare parts.



Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

The Andover Continuum building management system allows you to achieve significant energy efficiency through:

-Scheduled-based heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting control
-Occupancy-based environmental controls
-Customizable energy reports
-Night setback, Night ventilation purge
-Optimal start/stop
-Chiller / Boiler plant optimization
-Heating/cooling equipment lockout
-Supply air temperature reset
-Variable Air Volume (VAV) pressure and flow control
-Outside air reduction
-Economizer control
-Electrical demand limiting
-Domestic hot water control

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