Energy Efficiency

Create restaurant mood lighting


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • To control separately the lighting in the bar (halogen lighting) and in the restaurant (incandescent lighting). 
  • To create different atmosphere. 
  • To adapt consumption.


Value proposition

  • Up to 10% energy saving by dimming your light level.
  • The room lighting can be adapted to the customer's requirements.
  • Increased comfort.


Differentiation factors

  • The solution is to separate the bar and restaurant lighting systems into two separate areas.
  • Two pushbuttons that can be accessed from the bar are used to vary the lighting manually.
  • The Extra Low Voltage halogen lights in the bar are powered by a remote control dimmer via electronic transformers.
  • The incandescent lights in the restaurant are powered by two associated remote control dimmers.



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Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

  • The solution is to create two separate areas controlled by two different types of dimmers:

   - The bar area is lit by extra low voltage lighting:

   the Tve700 dimmer is associated with TFu electronic transformers

   - The restaurant area is lit by incandescent lights.

  • The use of optical coupling to associate the Vo1000 and Tvo1000 dimmers increases the electrical output
  • The pushbuttons are used to adjust the brightness:

   - a short press switches the lighting ON or OFF

   - a long press increases or reduces the light output.

  • The dimmer direction is stored:

   - a new long press increases or decreases the light output, according to the current dimmer direction.

  • No wiring is required, as the dimmers are associated via a fibre-optic BUS.

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Solution breakdown

Main products and systems:
  • Remote dimmer: TVe700
  • Remote dimmer: Tvo1000
  • Dimmer: Vo1000
  • MCB 1 pole: C60N
  • Pushbutton: PB