Energy Efficiency

Critical power protection for medium to large Data Centers




Value proposition

Main drivers

  • Data center market is the largest market for critical power applications
  • Data centers are also a large contributor to CO2 emission (1,5% of US power) and this is in constant increase.
  • Electricity costs are also a key contributor to the CAPEX of a data center.

Solution in brief
  • Critical Power Protection for Medium to Large Data Centers with high efficiency.
  • Including Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), Source Transfer Switches, Synchronization Modules, etc.
  • Working according to recommended architectures towards optimum dependability.

Value proposition

  • UPSs and associated equipment form high-availability configurations that are assembled in architectures compliant with the required availability standards (from 99,9979% to 99,9999% ("six nines")).
  • UPS being in redundancy, they are not 100% loaded and it is critical to keep high-efficiency of the UPS even at low loads.  Galaxy 6000 has a 92% efficiency even at 25% load ; at 500kVA a 2% efficiency level gain is worth €50,000 over 5 years in electricity cost!
  • On non-linear loads THM option can help save an additional 20% on electricity bill

Differentiation factors

  • Thanks to the combination of high-efficiency at low loads, and predefined architectures compliant with the de-facto "Tiers" levels, these systems provide an optimum combination of certified high availability and energy savings.



Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

Great Power quality

  • Double-conversion 3 phase UPS with input harmonics filtering options from 12 pulse to phase shifting via passive filters
  • Low thdu
  • Output power factor: 0,8.

Great power availability

  • Automatic and manual by-pass integrated, testing, monitoring and expected life time of batteries
  • Fan failure detection on automatic by-pass
  • High short circuit capacities.

Great flexibility

  • 50 or 60 Hz, 380, 400, 415, 440, 480 volts
  • Frequency converter, modular paralleling (up to 4), paralleling with centralized static switch (up to 6).

Total cost of ownership

  • Optimized footprint via a true front access
  • Optimized running costs via high efficiency: up to 95%.

Ease of management
  • Vision display providing comfort (tactile, color), energy flow, measurements, statistics, events time stamping.
  • Remote monitoring: via different protocole: J-Bus/Mod-Bus, Ethernet, volt free contacts.

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Solution breakdown

  • Main Services:
    Design : Site audit, Protection system architecture and maintenance strategy advice, Harmonics audit
    _ Implementation: installation, commissioning
    _ Operation: Project management, Preventative maintenance, Maintenance contracts, Teleservice , Battery Monitoring, Training, ...
    _ Review: Battery replacement, replacement program...
  • Main Products & Systems
    UPS: MGE Galaxy, MGE EPS (only in the US)
    _ UPS with internal scalability: APC Symmetra
    _ 3phase STS: Upsilon STS
    _ Active harmonic filter: THM, Sinewave
    _ Synchronization module
    _ PDUs
    _ Management and supervision: Enterprise Power Manager, InfrastruXure Central,...