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Electrical network assessment


Value proposition

Main Drivers
  • Assess installation regarding both network architecture performance and individual equipment status.

Solution in brief
  • MP4 is a consulting service offer improving performance of an electrical network in terms of energy AVAILABILITY and QUALITY.

Value proposition
  • Help customers optimise their operations and maintenance activities by focusing the critical electrical equipment in its processes.
  • The deliverables of MP4 are recommendations, based on a reliability analysis and equipment stress evaluation, to manage the risks and so avoid failures.

Differentiation factors
  • MP4 assessment is provided by 2 Schneider Electric consultants: 1 consultant is an expert on electrical networks, while the other consultant specialises in electrical equipment. 4 operational steps:
    - Process understanding (link with electrical network to show cost breakdown)
    - Reliability computation
    - Equipment data collection and stress assessment
    - Services policy definition (using a criticality index)
  • Deliver four "improvement plans" described in detail in a full report at the end of the assessment:
    - maintenance to maintain equipment based on their criticality
    - modernisation to adjust network performance and activity requirements
    - monitoring to monitor the critical equipment
    - management to organise the implementation of the previous plans
  • Give access (for a fee) to all data collected through a web server.

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