Energy Efficiency

Fans control for Building HVAC systems


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • 70 to 80% of HVAC applications (air handling units and cooling towers) are fan applications.

Value proposition
  • Compared to conventional installations like motor starter and flow regulation by an outlet valve, AC drives allow you to save up to 50% of energy consumption. At 80% of nominal flow, the energy consumption is 95% of nominal power with conventional installations instead of 50% with AC drives.
  • On top of that, the energy saving law of the Altivar 21 allows you to optimize the motor control according to the load (air density). It results in a few additional % of energy saving.

Differentiation factors
  • Open to the main building communication networks
  • Eco8 software easely estimate the energy saving according to your pump or fan applications and duty cycle.


This architecture illustration is US designed.
This is the S Flex range : combination of circuit breaker, by-pass contactors, drive, etc...
For other Countries, we suggest to use the Altivar 21 variable speed drive.

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Solution breakdown

  • Main Products & Systems
    _ Display unit: Magelis XBT-G
    _ Programmable controller: Twido / TAC controller
    _ Motor starters and contactors: TeSys
    _ Industrial control relays: Zelio
    _ Variable speed drive: Altivar 21/31
    _ Savings estimation software: ECO8
    _ Circuit breaker: PowerPact®
    _ Safety Switches
    _ Power supplies: Phaseo
    _ Operator interface
    _ Terminal blocks