Energy Efficiency

intelligent Power & Motor Control Centre for continuous and critical process


Value proposition


Main drivers

  • In today's highly competitive markets, actors in industry and infrastructure need to maximise production time ensuring that installations are operational within the specified time periods, increasing the dependability of the production tool in total safety, reducing costs, saving energy and boosting your competitiveness.

Solution in brief
  • The MotorSys TM iPMCC solutions are the keystone of the LV energy efficiency of workshops. They ensure the power supply as well as the control and protection of network electric motors and loads.
  • They include a complete range of functions for: 
    the power circuit protection and control (intelligent Power Control Centre - iPCC)
    the motor control and protection (intelligent Motor Control Centre - iMCC)
    – the LV electrical energy management (intelligent Power & Motor Control Centre - iPMCC)
  • They were developed through the specific expertise of Schneider Electric in energy and industrial process automation management.

Value proposition

  • They perfectly integrate into any site infrastructure through intelligent and communicating architectures allowing a fast and easy access to key information from anywhere around the clock (see the illustration below), for energy efficiency of assets and maximised production time, up to 15% increase in productivity.

Key benefits

  • The MotorSys TM iPMCC solutions help the workshop teams optimise the energy efficiency of assets, offering the following benefits:
    - High reliability and increased dependability of the installation, even in severe industrial environments:
       up to 70% reduction in untimely shutdowns
    - Energy management for efficient consumption and usage:
       up to 30% electrical energy consumption reduction and costs allocation
    - Safety of personnel and assets, maintainability and uprgradability:
       up to 90% fewer motor burns-out
    - Lead time management and cost reduction throughout the installation's entire lifecycle:
       up to 50% reduction in maintenance costs
Value proposition





  • Given the complexity of data flows and communication network infrastructures, from instrumentation to corporate management systems, simple to integrate and scalable solutions are the natural choice.


  • MotorSys TM iPMCC solutions are based on architectures that have been pre-tested and pre-validated by experts both in electrical distribution and process automation, on the Schneider Electric's research and development platform dedicated to innovative solutions ; thus ensuring a simple integration to the local industrial netwok (LAN), with any of the leading communication protocols used in process industry and infrastructures: Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus,....

Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

Main drivers
  • Electrical energy represents a major proportion of industrial site production costs.
    For example, the share of total electrical energy consumed by motors within the infrastructure and industrial sectors represents up to 70%.


Energy efficiency value proposition

  • MotorSys TM iPMCC solutions have an immediate and measurable impact on the electrical energy consumption.
  • They can integrate possibly combined devices to define and track the load profile of the motors, and consequently, to adapt to the production requirements, helping to optimise energy usage and consumption:
    - Motor protection relays to control, manage and monitor voltage, current, power, energy, ... , and pinpoint any deviation
    - Variable speed drives and softstarters to reduce load peaks by 50% or more
    - Capacitors to manage reactive power factor correction and thermal withstand, ensuring 
       > elimination of reactive power-related costs
       > reduction of subscribed demand while increasing energy availability
       > improvement of power quality 
       > increase of the service life of devices connected to the supply network
  • MotorSys TM iPMCC solutions help improving any energy efficiency plan performances.


Energy efficiency key benefits
  • Overall data availability regarding motor application's energy consumption enables cost allocation at different levels:
    - each of the individual motor starters
    - entire switchboard
    - entire workshop
  • Globally speaking, MotorSys TM iPMCC solutions allow: the conversion of the energy costs related to production from based costs to variable costs,  and the reduction of electrical energy consumption up to 30%.
Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

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