Energy Efficiency

Lighting control solution for outdoor/street lighting


Value proposition

Main drivers
  • Public energy network consumption management is a major concern for local communities

Solution in brief
  • Lubio is a smart solution for managing outdoor/street lighting efficiently.

Value proposition
  • Lighting supply voltage, voltage reduction during programmable periods of time and an astronomical clock enable total management of energy consumption.
  • When Lubio is installed on a public lighting network equipped with High pressure Sodium lamps, voltage regulation and reduction allows energy savings as high as 35%.

Differentiation factors
  • The modularity of Lubio offers optimal flexibility for adapting to a highly diversified and scalable distribution network.
  • Its small size and reduced weight guarantee far greater ease of maintenance
  • Lubio integrates all necessary functions to manage public lighting:
    - On/Off and lighting intensity management
    - Low voltage functioning periods.
    - Main network parameter measurement and monitoring.
    - Savings calculation and Modbus communication



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Main products & systems:
   – DB90
   – Lubio VRI 6 kVA