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Lighting control system for Asia-Pacific



Value proposition

Solution in brief

  • C-Bus lighting control solutions combine controls, sensors and unique flexible user interfaces to deliver energy savings and meet tailored needs of the broad range of applications.

Value proposition
  • Energy savings can be significant:
    - up to 65% with occupancy sensors,
    - up to 40% via daylight dimming,
    - up to 13% via lumen control,
    - and up to 35% with time scheduling.

Differentiation factors
  • These systems are always flexible and designed for the comfort of the user
    - Dimming systems to provide the optimum level of lighting
    - Occupancy sensing to switch off unnecessary light loads
    - Light-level sensing with automatic dimming and shutter control
    - Time scheduling control of light loads
  • System based on a central monitoring and control via a unique interface
    - Robust and reliable C-Bus network with flexible expandability
    - Distributed intelligence and control
    - Ability to interface with third party system - for example, a Building Management System - for integrated control and monitoring




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  •   Estimated saving of 10% on lighting ...

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  • Lighting control system for Asia-Pacific: C-Bus