Energy Efficiency

Manage ventilation in hotel bathroom


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • The hotel manager wishes to lower the electrical energy consumption while providing guests with maximum comfort by installing an automatic bathroom ventilation system.


Solution in brief

  • Ensure that the bathroom ventilation system is operational while the bathroom is in use and that it remains on only for a few minutes after the light has been switched off.
  • A time-delay relay is used to prevent the extractor from switching off immediately and to ensure that it remains on during an adjustable time-delay period.


Value proposition

  • Peace of mind: Automation ensures considerable energy saving by automatically extinguishing lighting and ventilation when it is not necessary. Up to 15% of energy saving
  • Flexibility: The time delay can be set from 0.1 second to 100 hours.


  • The RTC relay supplies its output 18 as soon as input Y1 is activated
  • The time delay starts when RTC input Y1 is disabled

Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

The solution is to use an RTC relay to supply the extractor when the bathroom light is switched on:

  • The ON-OFF switch controls the lighting and ventilation at the same time
  • When the hotel guest switches off the lighting, the RTC relay continues to operate the ventilation
  • The ventilator stops after a preset operating time to ensure that any unpleasant smells and moisture are removed but prevents energy waste.

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Solution breakdown

  • Modular circuit-breaker up to 63A: C60N
  • Interface relays: RTC
  • ON-OFF switch: Unica range in the diagram (as WD is local, to be replaced by national one)