Energy Efficiency

Optimise room lighting through the use of dimmers


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • To reduce lighting-related energy consumption
  • To change room atmosphere 
  • To improve comfort


Value proposition

  • Up to 20% energy saving by dimming your light level by 25%
  • Wall box dimmers allow reduction of energy used for lighting
  • Instead of having lights only ON or OFF, light level can be adjusted to required level


Differentiation factors

Using a dimmer:

  • enables the homeowner to control light level independently 
  • allows to control light sources from one or several control points



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Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

Four Unica dimmer switches are available, according to the type of load to be controlled, the type of dimming (push button or rotary) and the possibility of associating them with other control devices.

Unica dimmer switches can:

  • save energy, since dimmed lighting uses less electricity than full power lighting
  • extend the lifetime of the light using the soft-on dimmer function
  • adapt the light level to fit the desired atmosphere in the room
  • regulate the lighting by simply pressing or rotating, according to the choice of product
  • be installed easily without changing the wiring.

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Solution breakdown

Main products and systems:
  • Pushbutton dimmer switch: Unica
  • MCB 1 pole: C60N
  • Pushbutton: PB