Energy Efficiency

Optimized Shop Windows Lighting through light sensitive switches


Value proposition

Main drivers
  • Shop owners need to light up the shop window at nightfall and save energy by automatically switching off the lighting late at night when the streets are empty.
  • They also want to prevent the lighting from switching on non-working days.

Solution in brief
  • Programmable light-sensitive automatically switch shop-window lighting according to brightness and/or the time of the day.

Value proposition
  • This solution provides significant energy savings by limiting the shop window lighting only when exterior lighting level is below a pre-defined threshold. Compared to permanent lighting, savings can go up to 50% of the energy consumption .
  • In addition, IC 2000p+ increases energy savings by automatically extinguishing the lighting when there are fewer passers-by (late at night and on non-working days for instance). These additional savings could be as high as a further 25% when switching the light off from 11:00 p.m. to 05:00 a.m.



Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

In addition to significant energy savings, Automation provides:
  • Excellent shop-window lighting as soon as night starts to fall.
  • The shop-window is lit up after the shop is closed to allow window-shoppers to see the products on display.
  • Implementation is extremely simple.
  • The "override" function on the front face enables permanent lighting for cleaning and maintenance services.

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Solution breakdown

  • Main Products & Systems
    _ IC2000 P+ light sensitive switch associated with a wall-mounted cell
    _ C60 type protection circuit-breaker
    _ CT contactor and its protection circuit-breaker if the power consumed is above 2 kW.