Energy Efficiency

Remote energy monitoring services


Value proposition

Main drivers
  • Avoid wrong and/or non-necessary payments at the energy bills.

Solution in brief
  • Web energy can be provided as a whole solution including hardware, network communications and hosted services

Value proposition
  • Energy savings are achieved using power generation, contract optimisation (with the energy utilities), and power factor correction
  • Even Complex projects are very simple thanks to the remote monitoring capability. The Web Energy system has exclusive functionalities and uses gateways with cellular technology.

Differentiation factors

  • Provides access to the Schneider-Electric hosted application at any time from anywhere.
  • Delivers data and notifications in case of abnormal trends.
  • Provides tools for analysis of energy usage including group economy and benchmarking.
  • Includes tariff and taxes engine to predict utility bills.
  • Includes scheduled e-mail reporting.



Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

Permanent search for savings opportunities:
  • Demand control: HX-600
  • Power factor correction: Varplus2
  • On-line management of energy consumption
  • Benchmarking analysis of energy unit costs ($/kWh)
  • Negotiation of tariffs and special contracts
  • Power generation during "peak" period
  • Recovery of over-payed taxes
  • Energy purchasing at the free market

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Success Stories

  •   ...
  •   Savings on electricity bills of around 23% ...

Solution breakdown

  • Main Services:
    – Energy Efficiency services: EE Services
  • Main Products and system:
    – Demand control: HX-600
    – On-line energy information system: Web Energy