Energy Efficiency

Room control for lighting, temperature and blinds


Value proposition

Main drivers 

  • Cost efficiency and flexibility are particularly important in small or medium sized buildings. This is where KNX comes into its own
  • Operational and maintenance costs can be significantly be reduced thanks to the optimum combination of different control functions: presence, brightness, time-dependency for lighting; presence, temperature settings, blind-control for heating and air-conditioning.
  • Automatic interaction of sensors and actuators avoids relying on uncertain human action and secures savings while providing increased comfort and safety. This enables substantial energy savings of e.g. up to 60% for lighting energy by automatically extinguishing unnecessary loads.
  • Flexibility is really improved compared to traditional installations, as adaptations of building function layout can easily be effected after re-organisations or moves.


Solution in brief

  • KNX solutions from Schneider Electric offer one system, an international standard and many functions for building control in small or medium sized buildings.
  • A KNX project initially will be created and implemented by a skilled electrician or planner/integrator, granting the inflow of user-friendly and cost-efficient functions. Different trades like lighting, heating, blinds, air-conditioning, state and consumption monitoring are connected and form an intelligent system. The inhabitant is able to configure user-relevant setpoints on multi-functional pushbuttons or graphical user-interfaces to the desired comfort and saving potential. E. g. functions can be recalled in one scenario, which previously were controlled separately: blinds are lowered, lighting is adjusted and the room is heated to just the right temperature.
  • The KNX bus technology enables A-classification related to EN 15232.


Value proposition

The displayed solution architecture provides the following exemplary technical functions:

  • Lighting control - starts/stops/dims electrical lighting only if people are present and current brightness
  • Heating control - adjusts the requested temperature and sets the heating or cooling to standby mode whenever the room is unoccupied or a window is opened
  • Sunblind control - activates the sunblinds depending on the current temperature
in small or medium sized buildings.



Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

Installation effort/costs are reduced compared with a conventional installation with the same functions
Consumption of energy will be reduced
Safety of persons and material assets will be increased
Decentral and central switching + indicating is possible
Information-interchange between different professions reduces the installation and fire load
Automated alarms or emergency calls can be communicated
Remote monitoring or control can be carried out
● Technical extensions or changes can be made easily


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