Energy Efficiency

Room lighting optimization through dimmers


Value proposition

Main drivers
Building managers want to increase user comfort and reduce lighting-related energy consumptions.

Solution in brief
This solution enables them to control light levels individually and makes possible to:
  • control light sources from one or several control points
  • define precisely needed light level
Value proposition
  • Wall box dimmers allow reduction of energy spent for lighting. Instead of having light only ON or OFF, light level can be adjusted to needed level.
  • Dimming your light level just 25%, saves 20% in energy. At the same cost, increased comfort.



Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

In addition to significant energy savings,
Dimming provides:

  • greater comfort
  • increased lamp life

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Solution breakdown

  • Main Products & Systems 
    Dimmer available in most Wiring Devices series, eg:
    Universal Dimmer Pushbutton 350 VA : UNICA xx.515.xx