Energy Efficiency

W.A.G.E.S. Utility Monitoring System (water, air, gas, electricity, steam)

  • WAGES - Water Air Gas Electricity Steam...
  • Manage all your energy sources in one place
  • Our pre-assembled backplates for WAGES applications come with a pre-programmed WAGES meter block. This delivers a precisely engineered solution for monitoring all electrical and piped utilities.
  • Standardized hardware makes installation easy for either wall or equipment mounting. The proven WAGES meter block provides safe, onboard data logging that's automatically uploaded to the System Manager Software.

Value proposition

Main drivers

  • Measuring and analyzing utility usage enables customers to identify areas of waste, benchmark normal consumption and set alarms on deviations.

EE value proposition
  • You can usually find actions to reduce wasted energy without further equipment investment
  • Typical savings are 2% to 4%.
  • Greater savings may be achievable depending on other investments



Main Energy Efficiency characteristics

Main Energy Efficiency characteristics
  • Monitor in energy use in real time
  • Log peak demand
  • Calculated values that you can't get from standard meters give you more power to understand your true consumption.
  • Onboard data logging - Most systems log the data over a network to a PC.  If the network is lost temporarily, so is data for that period.  Our solution logs the data in field devices and uploads periodically.  No data is lost if the network is lost temporarily.
  • Automatic data collection - no need to wait for manual data uploads.
  • Advanced reports - Wizard-based report creation and management based on a wide range of pre-defined WAGES report templates.
  • Report viewing - anywhere, any time, with any web browser.

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Solution breakdown

Main services:
  • Commissioning
  • Tests
  • Design
  • Programming & configuration
Main products & systems:
- System management software: PowerLogic SMS including advanced WAGES reports. SMS is available in English, Spanish, French only.
- Data collection: WAGES A8 panel including Momentum PLC, WAGES D10 panel including Momentum PLC