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Compact / Hardwired / Logic controller / Zelio


The best implementation for starting in automation with confidence…



Main Benefits

Especially designed for simple machines and installations, all components (including circuit breakers, power supplies, Zelio Logic programmable relays and contactors) can be mounted on a single DIN rail. These features provide a very compact with easy installation. ZelioSoft 2 offers the ability for simple and accurate adjustments for quicker set up.

Consistency of solution
• This combination of high quality products provides a winning solution supported by Schneider Electric, a leader in automation.

Tested, validated and documented
• A complete system user guide gives all the details for installing and building your application with confidence.

Simple diagnostic and low automation expertise
• Dedicated to non specialists in automation, this architecture is the first step to starting in automation. Displays can be used to show warnings or error messages.

• A compact solution with small footprint products.

Simple and smart
• Zelio programming simplifies your control compared to traditional relays. Simple motor control functions can be done, such as starting, stopping, two forward/ reverse controls. Easy to adapt with programming.



Simple Automation
Compact / hardwired / Logic controller / Zelio

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