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Distributed / AS-Interface / Logic controller / M238


Simple, flexible, economical and reliable…


Main Benefits

AS-Interface is a quick and upgradable cabling system,a single cable connects all the components in an automation system. It contributes significantly to improve the reliability, the availability and the machine by reducing cabling errors. The safety function of the machine is totally integrated with AS-Interface Safe.

Consistency of solution
• This combination of high quality products provides a winning solution supported by Schneider Electric, a leader in automation.

Tested, validated and documented
• A complete system user guide gives all the details for installing and building your application with confidence.

Achieve productivity gains
SoMachine is the all-in-one software environment designed specifically for OEM machine builders :
• Reduce design time by working in one single environment.
• Reduce time to market with ready-to-use architectures and applications function blocks.
• Architecture designed to adapt to your requirements.

Fast commissioning phase
• Single software environment with One software, One project file.
• Pre-defined application function blocks and libraries allow for easy programming.



Optimized Automation
Distributed / AS-Interface / Logic controller / M238

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