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Buildings – Managing Energy & Security

Access Control

Protect every access point in your building


Controlling access to your facilities and its assets is fundamental for a safe and secure environment. Schneider Electric Buildings designs, manufactures, installs and supports feature-rich access control systems that meet the most stringent security requirements and government regulations. Our systems provide encryption and authentication to enable tamper-proof communications between controllers and workstations. Our access control systems offer:

  • Easy control of access points—doors, gates, parking garages, elevators, production areas, data centres, research labs, operating suites, etc.
  • Flexible access scheduling
  • Customised forms and templates for editing and managing personnel access rights
  • Effective identification through photo badging or biometrics
  • Permissions based access to designated security zones
  • Single card systems that allow for decentralised control of security zones
  • A flexible, programmable, scalable and networkable solution
  • Seamless integration with other security applications, badging systems, and personnel records
  • Interoperability with third-party devices, easy expansion, and future-proof investment, because our systems are based on open protocols

Get powerful, system-wide control from workstations or the web

Our integrated approach to security gives you a single view of all your security systems, through user-friendly workstations or over secure web links. With a single picture of security, and one view of all systems, you can monitor, control and secure your facilities like never before.

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